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12 Jan

Next blog, I’ll be talking about my interview with Gary Oldman — and the whole story on this…

…plus a bunch on chatting about Rita Hayworth with Denzel Washington, getting the cold shoulder from Dennis Quaid, a big hug from Tatum Channing, inadvertently (kind of) asking James McAvoy about losing his virginity, playing “junket word-jumble” with Mila Kunis, and much more.

But for now, it’s just silly superficial stuff from my life. And a confession. I guess I should start with that. It’s barely the new year, and I’ve already broken one of the Ten Commandments. At least, one that I’m willing to admit: I hast stolen. (But in good measure, the lord tooketh away.)

You see, I was at a junket and I was drinking coffee (surprised?) and I really liked the cup. I’m particular about mugs; I’ll stick with one for years and years if it’s the right size, weight and texture. The design doesn’t necessarily have to be cool — case in point, my oft-hefted APPLE mug. Pretty plain.

So anyway, I was leaving the hotel and I still had the mug in my hand. Empty. So I just slipped it into my oversized bag. I liked the “monkey see, monkey do” motif and I figured, “What the hell?” I did, after all, pluck it from a pyramid of at least 50 matching mugs. The hotel must have a mint. So, now it’s got a new home — it goes well with the new Le Cube Espresso Maker, coffee frother, and Breville Coffemaker. I guess you could say I liberated it from a limited lifetime of plain drip.

After I left the junket, I stumbled upon a huge liquidation sale of audio books and paperbacks. I definitely don’t “need” anymore books — I had yet to finish American Eve: The Evelyn Nesbitt story at the time — but I went in anyway. And found more irresistible monkeys:

BUT WAIT! There’s more… see below

I also bought the following audio CD’s and paperbacks…

As it turned out, I needed something to read, as I later realized I had left my Evelyn Nesbitt book at the hotel (see? It seems my subconscious made me atone for the cup-caper). (No matter; I know Stanford White dies at the end of American Eve.)

So anyway, I have read No Touch Monkey!, and am partway through Dali & Me: The Surreal Story now. So far, so good.

Been getting some good stuff in the mail, too. A check arrived today, but it’s not as photogenic as this package from Japan… WTF is “cram cream” I wonder? (but don’t *really* want to know)

Also, the publicists handling the Blu-ray DVD of House of the Devil sent along a promo videotape of it first. Weird to see a videotape, so I took a pic. Next to it is a burn from Paula of Sex Kittens Go To College, the 1960 movie my mom was in. I haven’t watched it yet.

Speaking of movies, there was a Thin Man marathon on TV on New Year’s Day. I’ve seen all those movies so many times, I didn’t watch again, but I was rather amused by the lazy approach the copywriter took to the plot descriptions, referring basically only to Nick and Nora’s highball-ism. (Too much eggnog the night before, perhaps?)

And now to music. I was stuck on the Nine soundtrack for a few days, but now I’m onto (500) Days of Summer in a big way. I got it from Amazon (half the price of iTunes), but I guess you get what you pay for because the songs were all out of order. I think I got it right:

I love it! It really brings the whole movie back, every time I hear it. I saw a commercial for the DVD today, and they had a good tagline: “The comedy everyone is taking seriously.” Glad to see it’s been nominated for so many awards. I wish I had time to watch it again. (Seen it twice on the big screen, twice on Blu-ray – once with the fantastic commentary track.)

As for other songs, I’ve been listening to The Big Pink’s Dominoes. That song is so repetitive and mesmerizing. I like it, but didn’t know any of their other tunes until I went on YouTube and found this one. The song isn’t as good as Dominoes, but I dig the video… it’s like Robert Maplethorpe meets empty pop.

Now for boots, bras and bangs; shoes are never far from my mind, so let’s start with the noggin and work our way on down…

I was at the car rental place the other day, and one of the agents I know, Kim, asked me if I ever change the colors in my hair. I said, “No,” and her rejoinder was “Why not?” Why not, indeed? Well, for one thing I did have pink, as well as purple, years ago but the blue was such a hit (seriously; strangers will run me down, stop me, and ask what kind of dye I use! Jerome Russell should give me a percentage of sales) I never thought to change it.

However, I have been wanting to merge the blue back, and get my natural red color back to the bangs… however, it’s $65 to bleach that one little part out at the salon (I do the colors myself, but bleaches can burn your hair off if you don’t know what you’re doing). So, I decided to just get a bright red Punky Color and add a touch of that.

And now for the mug (not stolen). In the past few months, I’ve discovered some good makeup products. The most earth-shattering was definitely these Ardell false eyelashes. I’ve always had very long eyelashes, but they are blonde and sparse. So for on-camera work, or if I want a little boost, I augment. But most of the lashes you get at the store are too fake looking. These, which I stumbled upon on eBay, are perfect! Then, I got this Maybelline Stiletto Liner a few weeks back. I don’t wear it every day so there is still a learning curve to get the line perfectly even (the little wand is just a tad too bendy for my trembling caffeine-infused hands). But it’s great for that pin-up 60s eyeliner look. I also like this Revlon Colorstay lipstain. It’s sip-proof and lasts for hours and hours.

A few weeks ago, inspired by Fariba’s great result (and a store credit), I went to Victoria’s Secret and got one of their Extreme Plunge padded bras. It looked OK in the dressing room, but when I tried it with my clothes at home, I looked totally ridiculous! Feeling like a complete impostor, I returned it and used my credit for this Sexy Little Things model instead. It looks like it’s right out of the movie Moulin Rouge. Cute, huh?

Skipping down to the legs and feet (this is a PG-rated blog, after all), I thought I’d share some imagery of this cool combo of leopard-on-leopard. I’ve had these Steve Madden Laveda’s for a couple of years, but I just got the tights in San Francisco. The minute I saw them, I had the whole outfit in mind (I can do that while shopping — envision everything in my wardrobe and know how each new item will factor in… it’s a gift. [ha, ha]).

I also picked up a pair of Harley Davidson After-Riding boots, similar to these. (Haven’t worn them yet.)

And am also enjoyed my new wall calendar — an xmas gift from me to myself!

I did my first red carpet of the year the night before last. It was for NBC night at the TCA’s in Pasadena. For the first time in years, I wore open-toed shoes without nail polish. Oh, the shame and the scandal!

I got to interview some of the people from Caprica. They are really a cool and easygoing bunch. I’d talked to Alessandra Torresani before (in the red dress), but never Magda Apanowicz (the petite little gal) or Sasha Roiz (the tall guy in the background).

I found Sasha especially impressive, because the first thing he did was notice my ZOSO necklace and said, “Led Zeppelin!” Usually, when people notice, they ask what it means (like The Hughes Bros. at the Book Of Eli junket did, earlier that day). He was cool and funny, and also he got his scripted shout-out for SyFy’s Facebook page correct in just one take.

I also interviewed all my “BFF’s” from Chuck and Heroes. Been talking to those actors since before their shows aired. I did give up on Heroes in the third season though, and didn’t register at first that Robert Knepper (from Prison Break) has joined the cast. I just loved talking to him! Not only is he better-looking in person (those cheekbones!), but is so into the conversation and really answers the questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.

Here’s Robert Knepper, with Jonathan Antin in the background. I would have liked to’ve talked to Jonathan just for fun (he’s the hair stylist from Blow Out, and will be on Bravo’s Shear Genius this season), but that’s not what I was there for. It was all SyFy, all the time! (But I did get a lot of people asking about my hair that night… one contestant from The Next Great Artist actually RAN up to deliver a compliment!)

Here is James Kyson Lee, with Mr. Horn Rim, Jack Coleman, in the background. I remember geeking out a bit a couple of years back when I first interviewed Jack, because he played such a great character on Dynasty back in the 80s. It is so nice to see him in the forefront again! He’s super-nice. That night at the TCA’s, he realized that a reporter who was interviewing him had missed another actor, so he actually went and got that actor over for her.

Here are some of the Chuck people I was able to get with my iPhone. I loved the draping on Yvonne Strahovski’s dress. It was kind of Grecian, but really casual and classic at the same time. I talked to her (little did she know, I named The Canyon one of the worst horror movies of 2009… sorry, Yvonne!), and also Sarah Lancaster and Adam Baldwin (who’s gotten friendlier and funner on the press line as the years have progressed). Zach Levi and Josh Gomez never made it down as far on the line as we were (once again, in their infinite wisdom, the red carpet placement planners put SyFy — an NBC channel — miles down the line for an NBC event).

I saw Jerry Seinfeld there, too.

That’s rare. He’s usually in New York, I guess, but he was here in L.A. pushing some reality show called The Marriage Ref. I don’t know who that is standing next to Jerry Seinfeld, but he looks familiar. I also love how the guy in the background is smiling for the camera — actually, I appreciate that… so much better than the usual dopey or sourpuss expressions one catches off guard.

I guess that’s about it for this. Buzzine published my 100 BEST list…

…and, pretty soon I’ll have some new stuff at and video interviews to view at TV-Wire’s YouTube Channel. Better get busy.


One Response to “Back Issue Blog: Blog in a Blender”

  1. Playful T January 18, 2010 at 4:22 PM #

    I’m always amazed at how interesting you are and how interesting your blogs, interviews and articles are. You have such a mix that goes so well together. Shoes and clothes all gorgeous. Not only are you a great interviewer but your choices when you dress keep us coming back. I never watch a movie until I read your reviews. You are always right on and I don’t have to waste a night watching a movie I won’t like.
    Thanks so much, your # 1 fan.

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