Back Issue Blog: I’m Going Back in Time… What to Wear?

31 Jan

Still on the subject of appearance [see: my most-recent blog], I was surrounded in BOUNTEOUS BEAUTY last weekend at the Warner Grand Theater right here at home in San Pedro the other day…! It was bliss. I attended and covered…

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles and the Grand Vision Foundation Present: 30 Years of Pin-Up: 1927 – 1957 at Historic Warner Grand Theatre at 478 W. 6th Street, San Pedro, CA [just a few blocks away from my house!]

I did a whole article and photo gallery for the Buzzine Magazine website, but my photog also took several pics of the models (and a few of me, which I’ll include at the end). While it’s always great to see vintage fashions, it’s even more fun and a bit of the cherry on top to be able to view museum-piece quality couture costuming from famous movies.

Here are links to my articles: The review of the fashion show at Buzzine, and then the photo gallery.

Kasey Wilson (hey, why not Staci Wilson? ;)) got to wear the black and white, big-bow ballgown donned by Jean Harlow in the 1931 movie “Bombshell”. Angela Aaron donned silver screen siren Jeanette McDonald’s ebony spangled costume from 1942’s “I Married An Angel”. And, Sherri Snyder snagged the pièce de résistance, Bette Davis’ mink-accented chocolate gown designed by Edith Head and worn in the seminal showbiz film, 1950’s “All About Eve”.

BUT WAIT! There’s more… see below

This is the Jean Harlow “Bombshell” dress:

This is the Jeanette MacDonald “I Married An Angel” dazzler:

And, the Bette Davis “All About Eve” dress, followed by some pics of the actress wearing it in the film:

Not wearing the dress, but a gorgeous shot I happened upon of Bette.

I could not find any pics of the other actresses wearing their gowns in the films, but when I was looking for Jean Harlow, I found these pictures I am pretty sure (knowing my faulty memory chip) I have never seen before. Sooooo stunning!

OK, back to 2010 and the Art Deco Fashion Show! Here are some sublime shoes backstage awaiting their Cinderellas, and a gorgeous gown from the 1930s that was on display in the front lobby (it was around $300, for sale at Threads of Time. It reminded me a lot of my own 1930s gown, which I wore for a photo shoot with Fariba last fall… don’t you agree they are similar?)

Here are a few shots I took — one of the Edith Head gown (vintage off-colour joke: “Edith Head gives great costume!”), and then a couple of snaps outside the theater. The building itself, then a couple of signs across the street: I didn’t know that L.A. County’s oldest-operating bookstore was right here at home! Cool. There are also some early 1900s Victorian Homes in San Pedro that I really should check out, but haven’t made the effort.

Shortly before attending the fashion show, I saw this Humphrey Bogart movie, “Conflict” from 1945, on TV. I loved the fashions (just everyday stuff, it wasn’t meant to be a glamorous film, though the characters are well-to-do) and the cinematography and set design, so I snapped a couple of pics of the screen just for the heck of it.

Had to laugh when I saw this come onscreen: …A precursor to the “A Christmas Story” leg-lamp, perchance?

All these fine old threads got me thinking about my own great Art Deco suits from the 40s. I have not worn them in years, as you can see (pre-blue streak hair!).

I don’t have a whole lot from the 40s, or 50s. My vintage wear is mostly Mod dresses and some 70s stuff, but I have a little bit from every era. I even have some Victorian brocade jackets that I used to wear! Crazy, but I did. (Then again, clothes ARE made to be worn… then again, those really, really old fabrics from the 1800s are pretty frail — I did add a couple of rips.)

So many clothes… How about a nude photo of my mom to break up the monotony? 😉

Yep, another one of her vintage pin-ups popped up on eBay! A nice shot I hadn’t seen before. In case you’d like to check out my mom a little more, here is her website:

Who’s been watching PROJECT RUNWAY this season? I like it better than last season. I was on the treadmill this morning and watched the latest episode, the one where the designers had to take inspiration from the signature examples of couture that reside at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I thought it was a good episode — and I sure wasn’t surprised to see Ping go! I didn’t really care for many of her designs, anyway… but she was an interesting character. My favorite person on there, as far as having a great sense of humor and being entertaining, is Anthony Williams.

I’m looking forward to seeing the return of Shear Genius, the hair cutting and styling show. Jonathan Antin is going to be on as a judge this season, which should be awesome (I loved the first season of Blow-Out, then it got a bit whiny).

When I saw Jonathan Antin at the TCA’s earlier this month, I wish I could have interviewed him (I was there on SyFy Channel business, though)… I just might have had the guts to ask him what he thinks of my hair.

My hair is so divisive. People seem to either love it (basically everyone I meet) or hate it (YouTube trolls). I still love it myself, but I have had it that same way for an awfully long time. The way I see it, here are the pros and cons…

PROS: I still like it. Every single day I am out — even if it’s just a trip to the Kwickee Mart — I get someone going out of their way to compliment me on it. (Call me shallow, but I’d miss that!) It sets me apart from everyone else and makes me more memorable to the actors I interview. It’s a way of “branding” myself and adding a twist to my commerciality. The colors are really pretty.

CONS: Perhaps I am… ahem… not really in the demographic that’s meant to wear this style. I have had it an awfully long time, and maybe should change myself up a bit. It makes me *less* marketable outside the horror, sci-fi, goth, rock ‘n roll crowd.

Here’s a picture of me before the blue streak, with my natural strawberry-blonde hair. And here’s a recent one, with the bold blue and the revved-up red.

Should I ditch the ‘do, or keep the streak? …What say you?

Until next time… kickin’ off!


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  1. Michael March 4, 2013 at 9:42 AM #

    Are these the real costumes from the films?


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