Back Issue Blog: Clash of the Titans Red Carpet – in 3D!

2 Apr



I covered the red carpet premiere of The Clash of the Titans, and this time I was all ready for my nemesis, Liam Neeson (aka the God Zeus). But he was a no-show. Too bad, ’cause I had my Medusa-glare down-pat!


You see, I’ve had enough unpleasant exchanges with Mr. Neeson over the years to make it so that I prefer to avoid him. (And it’s not just me, I’ve witnessed his withering, condescending remarks aimed at other reporters on the red carpet, too). But for this film, I would’ve had to: he’s essential.

The first time I talked to him was for that submarine movie he made with Harrison Ford. I hadn’t screened in advance (there were no press showings), so I was just keeping it general. He asked me if I’d seen the film, I said no, and he barked back, “Well, maybe if you’d taken the time to watch it you could ask the right questions!” Then he stalked off. After he left, the reporters next to me said, “Wow, what a jerk!” I agree.

But the other night I could have said, “I’ve seen The Clash of the Titans TWICE!” Of course, he probably would have said, “Yeah, but did you see it on Mount Olympus?”

Since I didn’t have Mr. Neeson to snap at me, I spent some time snapping pics of the guests’ and actors’ shoes between interviews.

Here’s Cheryl Moana Marie and Antonio Sabato Jr.


Here’s Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop


But Wait… There’s More!

Here’s Nicholas Carpenter and Bridget Marquardt


Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Harry Hamlin


And, since he was the first Perseus and all, I figured I might as well as photograph Harry Hamlin’s handsome face as well.


I didn’t get to talk to the director, Louis Leterrier, at all. I’d wanted to ask him about Ray Harryhausen and whether or not he’d ever met him, what kind of influence his legacy had on the creature design, etc. But I couldn’t, so I had to settle for one of the producers. So when I asked about Harryhausen, the producer kept saying Harry Hamlin and talking about him.

Our convo devolved into a “Who’s on First?” routine and he never got what I was saying. I thought maybe in my inherent spaciness and usual mangling of names, I was in the wrong and perhaps I’d said “Ray Harryhamlin” instead of “Ray Harryhausen” — but no, when I listened to the interview later, I did indeed say it right. (Oh, well… at least I’ve now gotten to meet both Harry Hamlin AND Ray Harryhausen!)

I did definitely mess up on this one: I kept calling this wicked, deadly scorpion “the giant crab.” I think I need to stop reading so much about the misadventures of Jesse James and Tiger Woods.


And finally, last on the line, the piece du resistance, Perseus II: Sam Worthington


Here’s a snippet from that funny earlier interview I did with him, about dressing, undressing, and releasing the ol’ Kraken…

Here’s my review of the new The Clash of the Titans. I’m still surprised at how many people I know, who hate it. It’s not a classic, but it’s fun and certainly nowhere near ‘bad’ enough to elicit such ire.




2 Responses to “Back Issue Blog: Clash of the Titans Red Carpet – in 3D!”

  1. freaky phil April 2, 2010 at 6:08 PM #

    Great outfit Staci. And love the 2nd photo where you’re totally gettin after Perseus package!

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