Stepping Out on the Red Carpet

29 Jun

Here’s the latest in my continuing photographic foray of what — not necessarily who — is walking the on the red carpet these days (even when that carpet isn’t exactly red… or even made of fabric).

Some of the sexiest shoes I’ve seen at star-studded events lately have been covered (Delphine Chanéac in her Sonyia Rykiel strappies for Splice, and recently-wed Megan Fox in Brian Atwood ‘Donna’ pumps for Jonah Hex), and so I’ve only gotten a foothold on a few premieres since then: The Saturn Awards, and Despicable Me to name a couple. Sci-fi nerds and little children in animated movies aren’t usually at the height of fashion, but I did manage to find a few fine and fashionable feet.



Christa Campbell puts her best foot forward.


The little girls from The Astronaut’s Wife cool their heels next to the alien statue (who knew aliens did ballet?).


Is it a shoe, or a stilt?


My favorite! These stylish scarpes speak Italiano.


Not pretty, but these shoes are cool because Julie Andrews is wearing them.


Not pretty either, but forgivable because a little girl is wearing them.


There’s a right way to cage feet and rock leopard prints… this isn’t it.


Sexy and sky-high, Danielle Harris hit the bricks.


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