From the “Fall” Collection – How To Succeed In High Heels Without Really Trying

8 Jul

I swear I had his blog planned out *before* the video from Paris Fashion Week broke (fortunately this leggy lady didn’t break her ankle) but I will admit I was dragging my feet. Now that it’s timely here I am, jumping in.

Staci Layne’s 10 Tips for Walking in High Heels


I’ve been known to take a shaky step (and someone is ALWAYS there to notice, and comment), but the only times I’ve really slipped are in shoes that are relatively low… I think it has more to do with the surface that’s being walked upon (I firmly believe all slick super-market flooring, cobbled alleys, and walkways with numerous grates are designed by men). I had this one pair of cowboy boots years ago that I finally had to retire, because every single time I walked in them it was like putting on Cinderella’s glass SLIPper. Plus, I always seem to be wearing my highest, narrowest shoes when unexpected walking happens (can’t find car in lot, parked too far away, somebody else’s idea to walk to the restaurant instead of drive…).

But Wait… There’s More!


I have about 100 sets of heels and so far only one pair has bested me: It’s these unlabeled, totally archless designer one-off’s I found on eBay. Here’s a pic of them from a few years ago (I haven’t worn them since).


Never seen anything like them — Though they do slightly resemble a pair Ginger Rogers used to dance in! Wow, she really had some serious balance and poise.


I can kind of walk in my cool/cruel shoes to step away for a camera, but beyond that I would be very, very afraid. (Which is odd, because I although I am quite clumsy in most instances, two things I can do without breaking bones are walking in high heels and bareback horse-riding). [Just remembered: I actually have a picture of me riding a pony over a jump while wearing a dress and high heels: I’ve gotta find that, and scan it!]

So, taking the above shoes out of the equation – here are some of my thoughts on stepping out in high heels.

  • When beginning, practice does make perfect: start small with a kitten heel, and work your way up to the stilted stilettos.
  • Having a platform is very helpful; nowadays, they’re actually built into the toe and are practically seamless.
  • The thicker the heel, the less-wobbly the shoe.
  • High-heeled boots are easier to walk in than high-heeled shoes because of the added ankle and calf-support.
  • Having strong leg muscles helps — running and doing squats a few times a week is a good idea.
  • Don’t try to walk in shoes that don’t fit (says me — a size 5 harboring several pair of size 6’s stuffed with tissue paper in the toes in her closet…).
  • Long-pointy-toed shoes are harder to walk in, as are the backless flip/flop style ones.
  • Lastly, listen to comedian Steve Martin: if you want Happy Feet, don’t wear The Cruel Shoes!


Models slip on runway

Models falling down photo compilation

Top 5 Runway Wipeouts (video)



6 Responses to “From the “Fall” Collection – How To Succeed In High Heels Without Really Trying”

  1. Ward P July 13, 2010 at 12:56 AM #

    Re: your high heels shot…rowr!;)

  2. stacilaynewilson July 13, 2010 at 6:09 AM #

    Thanks! Fariba took that.

  3. Jess July 16, 2010 at 3:19 AM #

    Love it! (And I still think you should write a fashion book 😉

    It’s well embarrassing when you tumble in public. I once got my heel stuck down a gap on the high street – in front of a bus full of people!
    Actually had to take it off and pull it out. Oh, the glamour!

    • stacilaynewilson July 16, 2010 at 5:59 AM #

      Oh, man! Yeah, there are ALWAYS witnesses, aren’t there? One time, when I was crossing the street from the parking lot to Sony studios for a screening while wearing a pair of pumps that are ‘only’ a size or two too big (so I’d stuffed the toes with cotton and TP), I had to hurry to make way for a limo and one of the shoes went SAILING off my foot like it was launched from a slingshot. The windows were dark, so I don’t know who was inside, but I hope it wasn’t Sarah Jessica Parker! How mortifying, hopping across the rest of the street to get my shoe (which, if it had a tongue, would’ve been sticking out). As for a book, I *do* have a fashonable fiction in mind… maybe someday I’ll actually write it! (And thank you so saying so.)

      • Jess July 16, 2010 at 6:53 AM #

        Oh my days, how embarrassing (and hilarious!) I swear they have a mind of their own and wait until you’re in a crowded area! I can always feel my face drop a mile aswel whenever something like that happens, I must look a right picture!
        Remember that one SATC episode where Carrie runs after Aidan’s dog in those sky-scrapers? Impressive.
        And yay, hope you do one day! 🙂


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