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Brad Pitt’s Check-Stand Nightmare

11 Aug

Could you imagine Brad Pitt at the grocery store, faced with this?


All we need now is Juliette Lewis & The Licks on the cover of Spin, and he’s had it!

Actually, I’ve been reading more magazines now than I have in years. Probably not a good idea to go so far as to subscribe (I’ve recently signed up for Vogue, Self, and Vanity Fair) knowing how little time I have… but all those old articles seem new again. Even when *I* had the idea first — I posted a blog back in February about accenting with leopard, and this month’s issue of Vogue comes out with the same thing. Copycats. (Only difference is they’re rich, successful and widely read!)


I’ve been immersed in my virtual closet lately, not quite ready to come out — but here’s a sneak peek at the Vintage Vault (at Etsy) and the Classic Closet (at Netfrocks). Both sides of the online armoire come together at StaciStyle.com.


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