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Back Issue Blog: Hit Girl Misses Fashion Mark on Kick-Ass Red Carpet

18 Apr

The other night I was beyond wowed by all the hideously bad, ill-fitting clothing on the red carpet for Kick-Ass: Too-tight black plether pants, dresses over jeans, long digits hanging over the edge of open-toed fake-snake ankle boots, lace leggin’ tights, and so on.  

I’ve covered a lot of premieres in my time, but I don’t remember ever thinking, “I wonder if there was a memo-request to wear something crazy… like a homemade pseudo-superhero costume?” It was bad, bad, bad (even worse than the Hot Tub Time Machine premiere, where guests WERE encouraged to dress cheesily).  

In spite of my profession as a film critic, I actually don’t like to criticize. I’d rather celebrate the things I do like, champion small films, point out people’s good deeds, etc., which is why here on this blog of mine (when I’m in “Mode” mode) you’ll almost always find the fashions I adore. But in this case of red carpet wardrobe witnessed, I just *have* to post the fashions I abhor. (And then I will feel guilty about it, even though I have made sure no one in the pics is ID’ed!)  

Kevin Du Brow texted from the great beyond… he wants his black plether pants back!  


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Back Issue Blog: I’m Going Back in Time… What to Wear?

31 Jan

Still on the subject of appearance [see: my most-recent blog], I was surrounded in BOUNTEOUS BEAUTY last weekend at the Warner Grand Theater right here at home in San Pedro the other day…! It was bliss. I attended and covered…

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles and the Grand Vision Foundation Present: 30 Years of Pin-Up: 1927 – 1957 at Historic Warner Grand Theatre at 478 W. 6th Street, San Pedro, CA [just a few blocks away from my house!]

I did a whole article and photo gallery for the Buzzine Magazine website, but my photog also took several pics of the models (and a few of me, which I’ll include at the end). While it’s always great to see vintage fashions, it’s even more fun and a bit of the cherry on top to be able to view museum-piece quality couture costuming from famous movies.

Here are links to my articles: The review of the fashion show at Buzzine, and then the photo gallery.

Kasey Wilson (hey, why not Staci Wilson? ;)) got to wear the black and white, big-bow ballgown donned by Jean Harlow in the 1931 movie “Bombshell”. Angela Aaron donned silver screen siren Jeanette McDonald’s ebony spangled costume from 1942’s “I Married An Angel”. And, Sherri Snyder snagged the pièce de résistance, Bette Davis’ mink-accented chocolate gown designed by Edith Head and worn in the seminal showbiz film, 1950’s “All About Eve”.

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