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Giallo-Gal Mannequin Unmasked

3 Aug


Well, I finally got to take “Galaxina” out of the shipping box… a month after her arrival. I completed PROJECT WARDROBE (all my self-portraits modeling every article of clothing… keeping, selling and undecided) and now I am onto OPERATION MANNEQUIN.

Sounds more glamorous than it is. In a way, it’s fun — it’s akin to playing dress-up with the ultimate 3-D paper doll — but it’s mostly work. This initial effort is the biggest, so I’m not feeling too overwhelmed; it won’t be so hard to maintain once all the initial items are photographed, catalogued and posted. I have about 7 file storage boxes full of shoes, accessories, jewelry, tops, jeans, dresses and lingerie. Yesterday I took pics of the model with all the little stuff, plus one box of blouses. Today, I’m hoping to get all the rest done so I can take all that down to storage and get the clutter out of my house!

One of the things I didn’t expect was the impact of the physical exertion it takes to dress, style, photograph, and redress (rinse, repeat) in rapid-fire succession. My neck and upper arms are killing me from constantly reaching up (the mannequin is taller than me) and then having to bend down to remove limbs (hers, not mine), and standing on tiptoes… ouch! I certainly don’t feel guilty about missing my workout this morning.

Here are some of the pics I took yesterday. I have several wigs for different looks, and I used Carrie’s brilliant suggestion of adding my signature blue streak for branding purposes. I like it. The mannequin turned out to be a great thing (as opposed to a dress form, which I’d also thought about) for showing scale — like, how long a top is, how big a necklace is, or how a hat will sit.

Unveiling… she looks like a pod-person from Invasion of the Body Snatchers



She’s listening to The Kinks’ Bald-Headed Woman, while channeling Jennifer Lynch’s Boxing Helena


. . .
Here are all the “looks” with the blue streak on various wigs. I still have a few other wigs, which I’ll be using for today’s photos.


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