About Me

BLOG: In my spare time, I am multitasking while busy doing other things. Here is I Dress, Therefore I Blog. I muse less-fashionably but more personally about this, that (and the other thing) at another I Think, Therefore I Blog.

Staci Layne Wilson

WORDS: I am the author of several published books (fiction, nonfiction, biography). I’m a screenwriter.

FLICKS: I am the host of a live, weekly chat show, ‘Inside Horror’. I have appeared in several documentaries & television programs on film. I’m a reporter who’s worked for AOL/Time-Warner, SyFy Channel, Yahoo! Movies, theStream.tv, Horror.com & L’Ecran Fantastique. I’m a filmmaker; I produced & directed ’The Key to Annabel Lee’ [A Woman in Triptych] & ‘The Night Plays Tricks’ & a number of rock videos for well-known & local bands.

PHOTOS: I’m a photographer dedicated to architecture, beauty & style. I’m a stylist for individuals, & film studios/music labels work-for-hire. I am a self-portraiture hobbyist & sometime model.

STYLE: I specialize in vintage makeup looks & fashion. I have an Etsy store for clothing & shoes & I offer consultation & search services.


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